Sharia Law in Adelaide

Revelations in recent weeks about the rising number of Child Brides in or from Australia have now been followed up with confirmation that Adelaide is experiencing the imposition of Sharia Law.

What was that ?

It will never happen in Australia it’s illegal, well guess what even after a Current Affair did their expose on the way it is being used in conjunction with cultural conditioning and peer pressure, As well as at least two articles in the Australian, now we have Today Tonight Adelaide reporting on Sharia, Child Brides etc.

So tell me Penny Wong is it truly Fear and Prejudice that Paulines questions are based on or TRUTH AND REALITY, the truth and reality you and other politicians poor little PC brains can’t process.

The people in these reports don’t look like the minority of radicals you keep talking about.

When will you recognise ISLAMISM is a growing cancer in Islam and that it is nowhere near as small a problem as you want it to be.

For all you Regressive Left and Anti-racist people, note I haven’t said “ALL” Muslims, I haven’t even mentioned Muslims apart from in the abstract. I have commented on the ideology and section within it.


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