FGM In Australia: The Hidden Horror In Our Suburbs

It’s estimated Australia is home to 83,000 women who are survivors of Female Genital Mutilation.



Video released of Saudi therapist ‘advising on how to discipline a wife’

A family therapist outlining ways to ‘discipline’ a wife in accordance with Islam

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains themes that may distress some readers


Heartbreaking Footage Shows Child Brides Pleading For Help

A distressing video showing young Indian children crying as they are forced to marry adult men


Italian Woman on immigration and Islam in Italy

MASSIVE turnout as Italian women say “NO, ENOUGH!” to the symbols of female oppression & Islamisation of their nation.





Muslims leaving islam

Ex-Muslim woman explains the oppression under Sharia law for women, how they are not allowed to reach their full potential under the law and expresses her gratitude to live in America in freedom. She also warns western nations of the implementation of Sharia in their free lands & the potential consequences of such an action.

Passionate debate erupts over the future for women in Islam

Sparks flew when Aayan Hirsi Ali, who lives under a fatwa for her condemnation of Sharia law, came face to face with fellow Somali women’s activist Hibaaq Osman