Woman Says Airline Asked Her To Move Her Seat

Looks like the unfairness towards women has now crept into United Airlines. This vile barbaric ideology is taking us back to the 7th Century!



Oppression Uncovered In Our Midst

They must also be reminded in no uncertain terms that their islamic law does not have any official standing and does not override state and national laws.

From time to time we see reports women being told to ‘cover up’ at swimming pools or other public places out of respect to muslims and to avoid ‘offending’ them.

Respect is a two way deal and many muslims are in countries where people can expose a certain amount of skin and in multicultural countries there is an obligation to respect the customs of others. Unless it’s a private event held for a specific group out of the public eye no one has the right to tell others to cover up beyond the basics.


They must also be reminded in no uncertain terms that their islamic law does not have any official standing and does not override state and national laws.

They can talk about the requirements of their religion as much as they want, an adherence to religious laws is voluntary and is certainly not binding on anyone outside that religion

Where are Western feminists on issues such as this? In the case reported by the Express the man not only attacked a woman he attacked her for not submitting to a ‘law’ that treats women as second class citizens and allows men to attack women for not doing what men want of them.

cologneassaultsstatisticsjan10Something like this should outrage them beyond belief but unfortunately they would prefer to go after low effort issues, the ones where they don’t actually have to confront real misogyny.

Thankfully though there are those making a stand such as Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump. The left in turn show us their ignorance when they cry racist (remember folks, islam is not a race!) and the establishment show us their desperation with walkouts and obviously lame suggestions of disaster.


The real consequence of such stands will be to make people reconsider what they find acceptable and unacceptable with politicians and the left kowtowing to oppressive religious practices top of the list of what’s unacceptable.

Written By Sherry A. Lawfree

Sharia Law in Adelaide

Revelations in recent weeks about the rising number of Child Brides in or from Australia have now been followed up with confirmation that Adelaide is experiencing the imposition of Sharia Law.

What was that ?

It will never happen in Australia it’s illegal, well guess what even after a Current Affair did their expose on the way it is being used in conjunction with cultural conditioning and peer pressure, As well as at least two articles in the Australian, now we have Today Tonight Adelaide reporting on Sharia, Child Brides etc.

So tell me Penny Wong is it truly Fear and Prejudice that Paulines questions are based on or TRUTH AND REALITY, the truth and reality you and other politicians poor little PC brains can’t process.

The people in these reports don’t look like the minority of radicals you keep talking about.

When will you recognise ISLAMISM is a growing cancer in Islam and that it is nowhere near as small a problem as you want it to be.

For all you Regressive Left and Anti-racist people, note I haven’t said “ALL” Muslims, I haven’t even mentioned Muslims apart from in the abstract. I have commented on the ideology and section within it.


Watch: European girl with message to Muslims who want to cover her face with an islamic veil

Cosmopolitan Australia​ magazine has its knickers in a knot

We went to press before she made those comments. She, 100 per cent, does not reflect the opinions of us or our readers but the comments were made afterwards,” Askew told The Sun-Herald.

‘It’s up to the readers’: Magazine editor has been forced to defend Sonia Kruger’s inclusion in Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards for
the TV Presenter of the Year Award.

Cosmo boasted that Sonia’s comments on Muslim immigration do not reflect the opinion of the magazine or the readers. COSMO then closed down the “Women of the Year Poll” five days early after Sonia Kruger took a lead.

This is an insult to their readers and a suppression of public opinion.

As quoted by Cosmopolitan:

We’re sorry This promotion is no longer available

Cowardly, repressive and deceitful. Consider whether you will support such media outlets by buying their magazines and their advertisers.


Mosul, Iraq: ISIS Muslim Militants Cut 9 Children in Half With a Chainsaw in Accordance With Sharia-Court Verdict — sharia unveiled

Pictured above: Actual ISIS Sharia Law Court Outside Aleppo. Photo courtesy of: Brown Moses by, S. J. Prince | Heavy.com Iraqi News is reporting that 9 teenagers, alleged to belong to an anti-Islamic State resistance group, were sentenced to be cut in half with a chainsaw by a sharia court in Mosul, Iraq. Iraqi […]

via Mosul, Iraq: ISIS Muslim Militants Cut 9 Children in Half With a Chainsaw in Accordance With Sharia-Court Verdict — sharia unveiled

Muslim Beheads Woman in USA, Oklahoma

Radical Islam has reared its ugly head in the U.S., and now is the time to finally declare it the real enemy we are facing and develop a strategy to put this evil ideology to bed before any more innocent people lose their lives.

Muslim Beheads Woman. In Oklahoma. USA. This is Terrifying.