The Qurayza Massacre

Between 700 and 900 men and boys were slaughtered by the Muslims after their surrender…


Between 700 and 900 men and boys were slaughtered by the Muslims after their surrender…

The surviving children of the men became slaves of the Muslims, and their widows became sex slaves. This included the Jewish girl, Rayhana, who became one of Muhammad’s personal concubines the very night that her husband was killed. The prophet of Islam apparently “enjoyed her pleasures” (ie. raped her) even as the very execution of her people was taking place. 

In some ways, women were much like any other possession taken in battle, to be done with however their captors pleased.
But Muslims found them useful in other ways as well. In fact, one of the methods by which Islam owed its expansion down through the centuries was through the reproductive capabilities of captured women. In addition to four wives, a man was allowed an unlimited number of sex slaves, with the only rule being that any resulting children would automatically be Muslim.

Muhammad ordered that a fifth of the women taken captive be reserved for him. Many were absorbed into his personal stable of sex slaves that he maintained in addition to his eleven wives. Others were doled out like party favors to others.
At one point following a battle, Muhammad provided instructions on how women should be raped after capture.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

How about ISIS for instance and what they currently do with women and children?

All of them are following in the footsteps of their prophet mohammed!

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The Muslim World continues to wallow in heinous behavior that the Western World moved on from long ago. Islam means slavery, misogyny, homophobia, oppression of religious minorities, mass rape, mass killing and a relentless assault on the civil rights of non-Muslims.



12 Things Women In Saudi Arabia Cannot Do

Reportedly, no less than 18 women in Saudi Arabia were elected to municipal councils in ballots held on December 12, 2015. It’s the first time women were allowed to stand for office or vote in the country’s history. Although the vote is a landmark for the ultra-conservative kingdom, its women’s daily lives remain severely restricted. Here are 12 things women in Saudi Arabia are still unable to do!

12 Things Women In Saudi Arabia Cannot Do

Paul Murray LIVE

In 2016 if your religious organisation, if your sporting club, if your secret society says shielas this way, blokes that way, it’s time to leave.

AUSTRALIA: 2016 Federal Election

Stop the islamisation of Australia by voting in political parties that stand against the growth of the islamic ideology/cult.

Islam cannot change and moslems do not assimilate, they take over.

Future generations will be in danger if the influence and growth of islam is not stopped.

To all those who are feminists and/or support the feminist movement, hear my plea! We are at war with the Leftards. We at war with Political Correctness. We are at war for our democratic freedom!

We have boundless plains to share for those who call our country home! Not terrorise, not overthrow and definitely not intimidate us to follow such a misogynistic ideology that takes away our female liberty and abuses our children!

If you believe we need a greater voice for our concerns and demands then please choose CAREFULLY who you vote for in our 2016 Election.