Cosmopolitan Australia​ magazine has its knickers in a knot

We went to press before she made those comments. She, 100 per cent, does not reflect the opinions of us or our readers but the comments were made afterwards,” Askew told The Sun-Herald.


‘It’s up to the readers’: Magazine editor has been forced to defend Sonia Kruger’s inclusion in Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards for
the TV Presenter of the Year Award.

Cosmo boasted that Sonia’s comments on Muslim immigration do not reflect the opinion of the magazine or the readers. COSMO then closed down the “Women of the Year Poll” five days early after Sonia Kruger took a lead.

This is an insult to their readers and a suppression of public opinion.

As quoted by Cosmopolitan:

We’re sorry This promotion is no longer available

Cowardly, repressive and deceitful. Consider whether you will support such media outlets by buying their magazines and their advertisers.…/cosmopolitan-distances-itself-from-…

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