Muslimah Freedom

‘If a fish lives its life in a fishbowl that is painted black on the outside, it can have no idea of the world outside the bowl’

My entire life I have fought against the stereotype of being the weaker sex. I’ve never accepted that I cannot do something purely because I was born a woman. Does this come from being born in a free society? Possibly.

In Islam this goes much further than physically being the weaker sex.
It runs into every facet of a woman’s life. Islamic customs and sharia law restricts a woman in her education, employment, inheritance, genital circumcision, dress, marriageable age, birth control, divorce, sex, justice in the case of sex crimes, property rights and prayers.

The Quran has outlined and structured the way in which a woman should live her life on a daily basis to protect her virtue and her families honour.

So why are we afraid to stand up for the women who cannot stand up for themselves or even realise that they need standing up for? Are we scared of the repercussions of exposing this? Why?


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